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Student Activity Fee Hearing Schedule

December 5, 2016

Student Union, Bishop Barnwell Room
9:00 am          International Student Services
9:30 am          Theatre Arts
10:00 am        Career Center
10:30 am        Children’s Center
11:00 am        Student Diversity and Inclusion
11:30 am        Housing and Residence Life
1:30 pm          Student Life/VSB/SPB
2:00 pm          Office of Information Technology

December 6, 2016

Student Union, Bishop Barnwell Room
9:00 am          Parking and Transportation
9:30 am          University News
10:00 am        Campus Recreation
10:30 am        Associated Students of Boise State University
11:00 am        Alumni Relations
11:30 am        Student Health Center
1:00 pm          Student Union Operations
1:15 pm          Athletics and Spirit Squad
1:30 pm          Gender Equity Center
2:00 pm          Scholarships
2:30 pm          Marching Band

Giving Testimony

If you wish to comment and give testimony, you will be asked to sign-up at the check-in table upon arriving. You will also be asked to provide a written copy of your testimony which will become part of the official record for the hearing.

Please note that times may be approximate for each hearing.

Questions? Contact SAFAB Chair Rebecca Kopp at