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Please review the following Boise State brand information before ordering or creating new materials.

Never use the “B” alone or as part of a word or sentence.  In certain situations, permission may be given to use the B as a stand-alone design element as long as the full university or companion mark is also visible.  Also, please do not use the B as a letter of the alphabet in advertising: it is a trademark identifier of Boise State University.

Companion Marks, aka Department Logos

Logos are created by University Printing & Graphic Services and approved through the university brand committee. “DIY” logos aren’t permitted.

Student Affairs department logos will contain the words “Student Affairs.”  Your departmental logo, or the Student Affairs logo, should be used on all promotional material including brochures, posters and handouts.

Staff Shirts

You do not need to use the words “Student Affairs” on staff shirts.  Most staff shirts and scrubs are made with embroidery and the last line won’t represent well, so omit “Student Affairs” from that usage.

To help facilitate the process of creating a logo through University Printing & Graphic Services, or for requests about logo variation without the words “Student Affairs,” and for any other questions about logos, email

Clear Space Rule

The minimum required clear space surrounding all logos should be half the height of the logo.  For a visual aid, click on Clear Zones and Sizing .

The Bronco Head

Use of the Athletics logo, the Bronco head, is tightly controlled.  Please focus on using the B logo.

Official Fonts

While some people think that everyone using the same font is boring, consistency is actually a very effective tool in branding.

Use “Garamond” for body text, such as letters (most computers have this font). If Garamond is not available, the font “Times” may be used for large blocks of copy and for the body of letters or other correspondence.

The sans-serif type “Gotham” is recommended for marketing and signage. The Gotham I Package can be purchased at the educational discount of $35. Submit your request to

Don’t Use “BSU”

The full name “Boise State University” should appear prominently on the front cover of all marketing materials, publications and in the credits of all videos and films. “Boise State” is acceptable for second and subsequent references, but not “BSU.” There are other BSUs, but only one Boise State University.


An easy-to-use PowerPoint file has been created for those of us who create presentations. To download it, click on Presentations. Remember, less is more when it comes to PowerPoint slides.

Email Signature

Email is a way of life. What a letterhead used to be, the email signature is now. Therefore, a prescribed email signature has been developed to advance the image and professionalism of the university.  Please format your email messages and your email signature as follows, using the sans-serif font.

Your Name
Your title and/or your department
Boise State University
1910 University Drive, Boise, ID, 83725-xxxx (insert mailstop)*
Phone: (000) 000-0000

*Note: For university campuses not located at 1910 University Drive, please use the appropriate mailing address.

Optional Information:
Location: 0000 Your Building Street, Building Floor/Suite (insert if different to mailing address)
Fax: (000) 000-0000 (insert university URL or department/college specific URL)

Only university-related messages are permitted as part of the email signature (e.g., GO BRONCOS! or current university marketing messages). The addition of logo files to your signature is discouraged because of the overall impact on the system operations due to the size and volume of graphics.

Departmental Letterhead and Business Cards

You can still order a letterhead and an electronic letterhead for your department from University Printing & Graphics, but your letterhead should also include “Student Affairs.”

Since the main purpose of business cards is the contact information of the person handing out the card, and space is quite limited, the use of “Student Affairs” is not required.

For Questions and Other Details: